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Unconventional Approach

The approach is unconventional, you will not find commented games. Instead a series of behaviors, tips, and exercises. First increase your knowledge. Second your ability.


To participate and win; to climb the ladder we need knowledge, courage and skills.

Never forget

For chess these three requirements are a necessity. Knowledge alone is not enough. If you do not have the courage, opportunities to attack will be lost. Futhermore to have skill, you must train.


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Rodolfo Pardi

Rodolfo Pardi

SNAQ - Instructor since 2010 of the Italian Chess Federation. Courses for beginner adults and seniors. Qualification as SNAQ Basic Instructor. Author of thirty ebooks on Amazon. Book topics include a variety of fundamental patterns to improve game play. Answers to questions and comments on: http://www.facebook.com/IscuttoreDiScacchi

Theory, tests, and exercises on http://www.facebook.com/pages/Scuola-di-scacchi/272529939491842

Andrea Gori

FSI Instructor and FIDE Master Candidate. Graduated with a degree in Physics / Cybernetics. He has always cultivated the passion of chess in his life and as an instructor at the Milanese Chess Society. He holds courses in the Third Level School of the Milanese Chess Society and in public and private schools at Circles of Chess.

He offers private lessons at his studio in Milan upon request. Andrea has published ebooks on Amazon, including a course for club players. For those who live far away, Andrea works on Chess.com. His username: latigre. Details on lessons can be found by going to this profile and clicking on the ”About me " section.

Andrea Gori
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Below you will find ebooks to preview and buy on Amazon.

Strategic Chess Patterns

SCP, a Bunch of strategic Chess Patterns

While my past books about Patterns covered visual situations where what to do is evident or at least well known and established. This handbook comes in when one does not know what to do. While the move is always demanded by the position, the many rather equivalent possibilities are not evaluated simply by a sequence of candidate moves, but require reasoning with words. Addressed as rules or guidelines, being true Strategy; are the Strategic Patterns.

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Chess Course

Corso di scacchi per principianti assoluti adulti (Italian Edition)

Corso basico di scacchi per principianti assoluti, che non conoscono le mosse. Adulti. Si basa su un corso per anziani, inizialmente tenuto all'UTE di Milano nell'inverno 2014, la metà donne. Pieno di diagrammi e di links a esercizi ed esempi per facilitare la comprensione.

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Encyclopedia of Chess Patterns

Encyclopedia of Chess Patterns, part 1: 101 PATTERNS, 600 pages, 300 diagrams, links to 300 games

This ebook is a combination of "Fundamental Chess Patterns 1-50 and 51-100", a directory of 101 patterns to be used as a reference, AND the complete analysis of the following patterns: Critical squares , Illusory Pin, Smothered Mate, Attack to the castled King. It presents on my web site one game for most of the patterns.

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Cats with chess pieces

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