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Rodolfo Pardi
Andrea Gori

Morphy's Mate

About this game: Morphy's Mate is a checkmate pattern named after American master Paul Morphy. It uses a bishop and rook together to trap the enemy king in a manner similar to Pillsbury's Mate. How these two patterns are distinguished is not clear. It works by using the bishop to attack the black king and a rook and Black's own pawn to confine it.

Two Rooks on 7th Rank

Boden's Mate

By two crossed Bishops. A pawn may take the place of one Bishop. In most of these games, a Queen sacrifice opens a diagonal for the 2nd Bishop.

Epaulette mate/ Dove Tail

Sidorenkov game: Queen alone is able to mate, as King is against the border and his own pieces do not allow an escape route.