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for visually impaired chess players

Welcome to these pages dedicated to visually impaired and blind chess players. You will find ebooks prepared for you.
The books you will find here are the html or pdf version of what is published on Amazon.
You are welcome to read them and download them, for free.
Please inform me about any error and/or broken link and give me suggestions about any means to make them better suitable for this category of players.

The Kindle version can be found on . If you have liked the Kindle book, or it was useful, or the PDF version below, please leave a review there. We need an appreciation to prepare some more, as it is time consuming and there is no economic reward.

Open or save Visualization html or PDF, and use your TTS.

Presentation of Kindle version Chess visualization for the visually impaired

This is the first chess ebook for visually impaired written expecially for a Kindle. To be heard using the embedded TTS. Or on any device where you can use a TTS, any version of Jaws and NVDA that is able to read a Kindle for PC or ipad or whatsoever.

According to Amazon, Text-to-Speech is available for the Kindle Fire HDX, Kindle Fire HD,Kindle Fire, Kindle Touch, Kindle Keyboard, Kindle (2nd generation), Kindle DX, Amazon Echo, Amazon Tap, and Echo Dot.

A square is given in a phonetic way, such as "Bravo eight black Knight", more common than Bella eight. And more intellegible than Na1. When only a few pieces are on the board, only their position is given. Also the standard FEN is available for a player who likes (and is able) to read letter by letter.

A position is described also with a vocal FEN, where the pieces are written and heard in plain English, no need to scan letter by letter or word by word.

More looking inside. And please look inside and dowload ON YOUR DEVICE the ten per cent free preview to check whether you can follow.

Now about the content. This book tries a paradox, to teach visually impaired players to play blindfold, using a series of progressive exercises, so to have a position clear in one's mind, without using the special chessboard.

In any way, at the end you will be able to see more plies than you do now.

Enjoy and spread the news. More books to come if this book meets the challenge.

Rodolfo Pardi, librarian, instructor and arbiter of the Italian Chess Federation. (I apologize for the usual translation errors)

WARNING: this ebook is NOT suitable for a sighted player if he is not able to follow quickly the spoken text! Look for the normal version instead (B00KBAZUKE).

Per i giocatori non vedenti di lingua italiana sono stati preparati i seguenti due libri su Amazon. Dove consiglio di scaricare l'anteprima gratuita sul VOSTRO lettore, per verificarne la funzionalitą con lo text to speech che usate. Per richieste utilizzate il form sottostante.

Visualizzazione per giocatori ipovedenti

Gocce di saggezza per non vedenti

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