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Quoting Leon Watson on 2 December 2017 on
Garry Kasparov: I was wrong about women playing chess

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For more than 30 years he's courted controversy with a string of sweeping statements about women.

But, having once believed female players should stick to having children, chess great Garry Kasparov may have finally turned over a new leaf.

Back in 1987, in an era when he was world champion and far more outspoken, Kasparov sparked outrage with comments many saw as a long way from inspirational. In his autobiography Child Of Change when said the idea of a female world chess champion "exists only in fiction". Then he went further - much further.
In a 1989 interview with Playboy magazine he said: "In the past, I have said that there is real chess and women’s chess.

And in 2002 the inevitable happened - the "Beast of Baku" who dominated world chess for 20 years lost to a member of the opposite sex. The great Hungarian trailblazer of women's chess Judit Polgar, a player Kasparov once dismissed as a "circus puppet", beat him in 42 moves.
It was the first time in chess history that a female player beat the world's number one player in competitive play, and a sweet revenge for Polgar.
Kasparov was distraught.

"Things are changing," said Kasparov. "It's happening slower than some people want but I think it's a natural process and that gradually we will go through this process of women covering more and more territory. "Nobody is surprised now about women politicians leading their countries and actually it's happened in many places in the world.
"It will take time before the gap is closed. Judging from the pace now not in the near future.
"Theoretically yes, a woman can win the chess world championship, but practically it is highly unlikely.
"But right now judging from the results over the last 25 years I think you need another Judit Polgar, who was quite a unique talent, and even then an improved version.
"So that's why for a world champion, the chances are not good."


Here , a site dedicated to chess by Jan Newton, freezed at the last issue in 2014.

After the death of webmaster, Don McLean, on October 12, 2012, the remaining members were only able to save the content, which was no more updated. A gold mine of information and articles related to chess played by women.

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Here Susan Polgar blog .

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