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These games collections are not a standalone feature, but they are thought as an addition to the content of the book, which is needed to understand the reason behind the chess patterns. You can however enjoy this selection of games even without the book, there's no limitation of access. They are free, but only a selection of the complete 100 patterns.

Numbers assigned to games below refer to the relevant pattern in ebook: Fundamental Chess Patterns 1-50 and on Encyclopedia of Chess Patterns 1-101 published on

You can follow through the full games: even if they open at the appropriate move, you can scroll from the initial move to the end.

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This site embeds pgn4web, a full-featured and powerful chess viewer, widely used. Unlike the other PGN viewers, pgn4web does not use Java, making the ideal choice for platforms that are not able to use Java. A preferred viewer for iPhones, iPads, Androids and other mobile devices.
Many shortcuts are available, by clicking on square h8 you can access help pages

In all games, it's possible to use the following main shortcuts, clicking on the relevant square:

e2 autoplay 5 sec - f3 load next game - e7 flip board - c8 shows PGN source data to allow dowload and analysis
To move to the previous/next move press the < and > buttons, the j and k keys on your keyboard will do the same thing, for mouse-free game viewing.

You can help updating this page, by sharing your own games which have one of the above patterns.
Please send them to info at vecchilibri dot eu , specifying the starting move of the pattern.
In case of worthy relevant games, they will be inserted with a free verbal analysis.
You keep the right to remove your game at any time, no questions asked.

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