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If you landed in this page, you probably followed a link present in one of my chess books.

Games below refer to the relevant pattern in ebook Fork, a common chess pattern, by Rodolfo Pardi. published on

These games are not a standalone feature, but they are thought as an addition to the content of the book, which is needed to understand the reason behind the patterns. You can however enjoy the games even without the book, there's no limitation of access.

You can follow through the full games: even if they open at the appropriate move, you can scroll from the initial move to the end.

Should you find the content useful, would you please let me know using the mail address in this page? I have no blog and no other way to know if this feature is appreciated. I need your feedback and encouragement to go on adding new patterns.

And if you liked the book instead, wouldn't that be nice to post a review on Amazon to share with visitors?


Click here for help in the games

By clicking on square h8 you can access help pages

In all games, it's possible to use the following shortcuts, clicking on a square:
a1: goto game start - b1: move 10 half moves backward - c1: move 6 half moves backward - d1 move backward - e1 move forward - f1 move 6 half moves forward - g1 go to next comment or variation - h1 goto game end
a2 stop autoplay - b2 toggle autoplay - c2 autoplay 1 sec - d2 autoplay 2 sec - e2 autoplay 5 sec - f2 autoplay custom delay - g2 replay up to 6 previous half moves, then autoplay forward - h2 replay previous half move, then autoplay forward
a3 load first game - b3 jump toprevious game decile - c3 load previous game - d3 load random game - e3 load random game at random position - f3 load next game - g3 jump to next game decile - h3 load last game
4 search game - a4 previous event - b4 previous round of same event - c4 previous game of same black player - d4 previous game of same white player - e4 next game of same white player - f4 next game of same black player - g4 next round of same event - h4 next event
a5 repeat last search backward - b5 search prompt - c5 repeat last search - d5 search last win result - e5 search next win result
c6 search previous finished game - d6 search last unfinished game - e6 search last unfinished game - f6 search last finished game
a7 pgn4web website - b7 undo last chessboard position update - c7 redo last undo - d7 toggle highlight last move - e7 flip board - f7 toggle show comments in game text - g7 toggle autoplay next game - h7 toggle enabling shortcut keys
a8 png4web v2.69 debug info - b8 show this position FEN string - c8 show this game PGN source data - d8 show fullPGN source data - e8 search help - f8 shortcut keys help - g8 shortcut squares help - h8 pgn4web help

You can help updating this page, by sharing your own games which have one of the above patterns.
Please send them to info at vecchilibri dot eu , specifying the starting move of the pattern.
In case of worthy relevant games, they will be inserted with a free verbal analysis.
You keep the right to remove your game at any time, no questions asked.

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